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Two new book covers for my portolio.

I really love the left one x3




It’s Summer Time! And you know what I think the Summer could use more of? Dinosaurs! But then again, couldn’t every time of the year?

To celebrate 7,000 followers I’m doing a follower giveaway where you could win a pair of shiny Kalos fossil dinos~! 

Both were bred on my Pokemon Y version and you can find my summary of Tyrunt and Amaurus by clicking the names~

But for convenience sake, here’s a bit more about them:

About Amaurus

  • He is male and level 1 - untouched
  • His nature is modest
  • His IVs are 31/X/31/31/31/31
  • He is Kalos born and can be nicknamed!
  • His ability is Refrigerate
  • He has the egg move Discharge

About Tyrunt

  • He is male and level 1 - untouched
  • His nature is jolly
  • His IVs are 31/31/31/31/31/X
  • He is Kalos born and can be nicknamed!
  • His ability is Strong Jaw
  • He has the egg moves Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang


  • These Pokemon will be cloned using an in game method, if you’re not a fan of copies it’s totally fine if you don’t want to enter. No worries!
  • As this is a follower giveaway you must be following me to enter.
  • Likes and reblogs count as one entry each, feel free to reblog as much as you like but be considerate of your followers~
  • No giveaway blogs, I will be checking
  • Deadline is 5th of August at Midnight GMT! I’ll announce the winner (picked by RNG) so keep your ask box open so I can contact you
  • If the winner doesn’t respond within 3 days I’ll pick a new winner, rinse and repeat

Good luck!

X3 awesome tyrunt!

"before" (pencil on oil on wood)

"before" (pencil on oil on wood)



Now the Hoenn hype is wonderful and all but are we not gonna talk about professor JonTron at all and all his bara wonderfulness?


fixed it


why is he so fat?

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please help Pikachu… are they all girls??? O_ô

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Warm-up sketch from lately :)


Warm-up sketch from lately :)


    Welcome to the End. Let's begin.
    ムック  1997~2014  and more...


Studio Markunpoika, run by Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika, created a series of vessels carved from hundreds of hexagon-shaped pencils glued together and carved out using a machine lathe.

Pencils are utilized when giving form to our thoughts, illustrating our wishes and ideas. They are inseparably fused with craft and arts,” writes Markunpoika. “‘Amalgamated’ is a collection which explores the relationship of a mass produces ‘tool’ and its individual purpose. The beauty of the pencil an object seems to go unnoticed if utilized only for their primary purpose.

More info: Website